Your crew (both siege weapons, ship crew and combat crew) will be made up of a number of NPC’s. These NPC’s need some stats to make them function. Their stats will be based on their level. As leadership only goes to level 1-6 with followers, we will assume the highest level “team” is 6th level. The entire team must be made up of NPC’s of that level. You may trade two lower level followers for one higher level. For example, you may trade 4 1st level followers for 2 2nd, and then the 2 2nd for a 3rd.

Crews will be invisible for ease, unless having a few visible adds to the adventure.

Siege Crews will also be invisible and are considered part of the siege engine. To avoid slowing the game to a crawl they cannot be directly targeted, if they are all killed somehow they are considered to “restock” from the crew in 1 round.

Combat Crews will be made using Squads and Score Rules.

You may reassign members of your ship, and as a full round action they will take up the next job(it may be more depending on distance if disbanding a combat crew, but as Crew and Siege team are invisible they happen instantaneously. Exchanges must be equivalent (a 2nd level siege member can only be replaced with 1 2nd level crew or 2 1st level crews). All unassigned members (neither Siege nor combat) will be considered Crew.

At some point the Squad and Scores will start to fall apart and be irrelevant, as a level 6 squad is of no consequence to a level 15 character. At that point I will work on expanding the levels or coming up with some other idea to make them relevant. PC class leveled Squads and Scores are one level behind as per NPC creation rules, but have a better stat array as well.

Squads and Scores will not drop loot, instead their wealth will be considered in the form of plunder.

Ship Crew Level Profesion (Sailor) Check Misc Skill/Ability Modifier
1 +4 +1
2 +5 +1
3 +7 +2
4 +9 +2
5 +11 +2
6 +15 +3
Siege Crew Level Strength Check Engineering
1 +0 +4
2 +1 +5
3 +1 +6
4 +1 +7
5 +2 +8
6 +3 +12

Squads and Scores: Squads and Scores can be made from any number of NPC’s which can be found here. I believe they all should be legal (minus elves obviously). To determine your NPC level NPC classes equal your squads or core level, while PC classes are at -1. So if you have a level 2 squad it could be a 1st level fighter, or a 2nd level warrior.

If two enemy squads or scores meet that are of an equal challenge rating (if they are within 1), I shall make them objects and remove them from initiative. They will count as difficult terrain and if engulfed or adjacent to a Score you will be attacked as normal, which will take place at the end of your turn. This should help with the mass combats.