During the course of your journey you’ll be able to earn fame and/or infamy, depending on your actions. Benevolent and helpful acts work to earn fame while malicious and cruel acts helps to earn infamy. A point of fame or infamy cancels each other out, so generally you want to stick to one or the other. Whatever your total fame or infamy score is how much prestige you have, but you subtract any prestige you’ve spent from this number.

Fame and infamy are earned via your actions, but can also be earned while ported. For every 5 points of infamy or fame you have earned through your actions, you may attempt to earn a bonus point from your boasting and bravado. While in a port of at least the size outlined below based on your current needs you may tell a tale of your deeds. The DC is generally equal to the fame score your earning a bonus from, though larger communities may be harder to influence. You may spend 1 full day of dowtime and may a bluff, intimidate or perform check to influence the populace and earn the bonus fame/infamy.

Community Size Maximum Fame/Infamy Score DC
Thorp 5 -
Hamlet 10 -
Village 15 -
Small Town 20 +5
Large City 30 +5
Metropolis Any +10

For each point of fame/infamy you gain a prestige point. For instance, if you have 5 fame you have 5 prestige. If you spend 4 prestige, you’d have 1, and if you gained 2 infamy your Fame would drop to 3 and your prestige would drop to -1. You can spend Prestige on a few different things as outlined below, though you must be in a settlement where your reputation is known, or aboard your ship as appropriate:

Award Prestige Cost
2 Influence 1
+4 on any one skill check 1 PP
Dispel magic 2 PP
Lesser restoration 3 PP
Remove blindness/deafness 3 PP
Remove curse 3 PP
Remove disease 3 PP
Remove paralysis 3 PP
Free purchase up to 150 gp 2 PP
Captain’s Orders: As a standard action, a PC on board her ship can cast fog cloud, heroism, quench, or whispering wind with a caster level equal to her character level. 5 PP
Evade!: Teleport your ship 100 feet in any direction. This imposition can be used once per day. 5 PP
Break enchantment 5 PP
Greater dispel magic 5 PP
Heal 5 PP
Neutralize poison 5 PP
Restoration 5 PP (10 PP to remove a permanent negative level)
Free purchase up to 750 gp 5 PP
Get Up, You Dogs!: Every PC and allied character on the deck of the PCs’ ship is affected as per the spell cure light wounds, as if cast by a cleric of the PCs’ average party level. This imposition can only be used once per week. 10 PP
Master the Winds!: As a standard action, a PC on board her ship can cast call lightning storm, control winds, mirage arcana, or telekinesis with a caster level equal to her character level. 10 PP
Master the Waves!: As a standard action, a PC on board her ship can cast control weather, discern location, hero’s feast, or waves of exhaustion with a caster level equal to her character level. 15 PP
The Hungry Sea!: A PC aboard her ship may cast elemental swarm, storm of vengeance, or whirlwind as an 17th-level caster. 20 PP
Raise dead 32 PP (Must be a faction you are affiliated with)
Greater restoration 25 PP


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