Pilot House Rules

This is where we shall post out piloting house rules. The system is rather clunky so if you think you have a way something may run better let me know.

Ramming: Ramming functions as written except for as outlined below.

When making a ramming maneuver you deal your Ram damage once, and both vehicles have their current speed cut in half. This special combat maneuver is available only when a vehicle is piloted, and it requires a full round action from the pilot. A vehicle must already be speeding or move at least half its speed (though it can move up to twice its speed) as part of a ram action. If the target of a ram attempt is not flat-footed and is aware of the attempt, it may move up to 10 feet to get out of the way, unless the Rammer has Improved Ram. If this moves the target out of the vehicle’s path, the vehicle making the Ram can continue moving up to twice its speed if the pilot wishes. If the target chooses not to move, it may make an attack of opportunity against the vehicle (or its occupants, if it can reach them). The pilot then makes a combat maneuver check against the target. If this check is successful, both vehicles take collision damage and the one making the Ram maneuver can do one of the following:

1) Continue smashing through until your stopped by momentum (default choice)
2) Lodge into their ship. Both of your movements halt.
3) Pit Maneuver: Rotate them, cut their speed by 1/4 and pull along beside them. Some vehicles may spin out as well.

Crew Loss For every 20 points of damage the vehicle takes you loose one crew member. You may randomly target an AOE on a deck which kills one crew member per 20 damage regardless of how little the vehicle actually takes.

Saves: Add Pilot/4

Touch AC: Add Pilot/3

Jumping Off and Sudden Stops(ie: Crashing): Will just do a flat 3.5 damage. On a crash, there is a 25% chance that you roll the critical hit chart and apply the injury.

Food: 1 unit of food costs 125 gold. A single unit of food feeds 100 people on board for one week. Food doesn’t spoil unless through a special event.

Pilot House Rules

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