The year, is 977 AD, and the tides of total war are beginning to ebb again on Domcur. There is a darkness rising from the ashes from a forlorn nation that threatens to engulf all that is prosperous and good in the lands. A strange ship has the sailors of the northern sea ports talking, one that is more massive than any armada one has ever seen, and with strange lights around it. Meanwhile, tensions on the high seas are starting to rise as more pedestrians are getting hurt in the war of the pirates and the privateers, angering local populous on the island chains and the mainland.

The two great super powers, Litania and Latilor have been coming closer and closer to an all out conflict. The two great powers, which less than a score ago where allies during the great Barbarian Uprising, are now at each other’s throats. Latilor has been making minor grabs versus the greater super power, as if something has emboldened her recently. Latilor has always been the weaker and less prosperous of the two great powers, and by all accounts stands no chance versus Litania in an all out war. But that hasn’t stopped them from making minor land grabs and attacking Litania merchant vessels. The Great Nation Litania has been trying to follow the diplomatic path and trying to sort things out there, but their patience is obviously wearing thin to all observers. They can’t understand how a nation that they could destroy in a fortnight would be attempting to cause them so many problems.

The Vanara and humanoids in the island chains are getting sick of the casualties coming to their people, who are largely trying to stay out of the infighting. Litania and Latilor are both putting the pressure on them to choose a side to fight with, while State Dres and House Slanshin are pushing them towards coming under their wing and protection. The island chains just want to stay out of it and want to be left alone to do their own things. They are pushing for a peaceful resolution to the conflict, but that is becoming less and less likely.

For now, the States and Trade Houses are neutral, but both are getting intense pressure from both Countries to make a decision on where their loyalty lies. As usual, the States have their own agendas and while Redoran may be willing to side with Litania, and Telvani would be willing to join Latilor, the other two would like to stay out completely. The Great Trade Houses also plan to stay out, because they know that war is profit, and being able to sell to both sides will be a profitable ordeal for all involved.

All except for House Calisha. Matilla Calisha believes that coming war will spell disaster for all in the long run, and seems to be intent on guiding how the war plays out. That’s where you come in. You had a meeting with the actual mistress of the house only a fortnight ago, and she sent you on a very delicate mission.

Matilla Calisha – February 23rd 977 AD

“Thank you for answering my summons on this evening. I have called you here for a mission of the gravest importance. I have called you particular lot here because of your lack of affiliation with House Calisha and her comrades, the other great houses. This will leave is plausible denial in case things go terribly wrong here in the future. You will understand as I give you the details of your mission why this discretion is necessary. If this mission was to get back to me if all things go terribly wrong we could have a terrible diplomatic crisis on our hands.

First, I will grant you a small ship. I am sorry it is not better stocked, but it is the best I can do without alerting suspicion and making it look like House Calisha is aiding you in your endeavors. I would like you to sail to the island chains and stop any pirate activity that House Latilor is running against Litania or the native population. While you are at is, House Slanshin has been rather aggressive lately and making move against the populace. I would not mind if you hampered their efforts, but remember you do not work with House Calisha, so you have no authority over them.

As you know, tensions between Litania and Latilor are at the highest they’ve been in sometime. I believe that a war between the two super powers is imminent. For reasons that are my own I want to limit this conflict as much as possible, needless to say I think it will have repercussions that will ring through all of Domcur for millennia to come. Your secondary goal is to become conscripted into Litania’s Navy. How you do this is up to you. I would like you to attempt to move into positions of power by any means possible. I need inside information, and you shall be my eyes and ears."

She stops for a moment and pulls out a small device with an antennae attached to it. She hands it to your party, “you can use this to contact me, but it will only work three times. Make sure that you are alone where you will not be interrupted or overheard, it may take me up to several hours to respond. Please use this to get a hold of me once you are inside the Navy and I will give you further instructions. Good luck and swift journeys, a greater fate than your own relies on you here.” With that, you were whisked away into the night and loaded up on your ship, “The Virgin Maiden.”

Campaign Considerations: For this particular campaign you may wish to seriously consider the following:


Driver: I SERIOUSLY recommend a party member fulfill this role. Considerations:
Class: Cavalier: Wing Man – Hands down the best pilot in the entire game.
Campaign Package: Driver – reduces driving actions, allowing you to drive and take actions at the same time.
Feats: Ace Pilot and Signature Vehicle. Both reduce driving maneuvers by more.
Other: You probably want to be good at ranged combat or casting spells. When you get bigger ships you may need a long range to participate in both parts of the encounter.

Buffer: This role may be more useful than normal, as your likely to have a crew at some point. Evangelist cleric may perfectly fulfill this and healer role, though many options can help.

Face: You will likely need a strong face character, as posted under Roles under Domcur main.

Healer: This role will probably be more useful than usual, as you’ll have an entire crew to help out. Even things like channeling for a little is a big help when you have 40-50 guys.
Class: Something with channel. Witch with healing hex.
Feats: Medic, Stat, Tactical Combat Medic

Infiltrator: You may want consider infiltrator skills, as posted under Roles under Domcur main.

Mobility: Being able to get to a ship before docking may be useful.

Siege Engineer: In this game you will have a lot of chances to use siege weapons. While not a vital or necessary role you should have a lot of chances to use your special abilities. I recommend someone at least try and fill this role as a secondary.
Classes: Fighter (Siege Commander). Gunslinger (Several Archetypes) and Wizard (Siege Mage)
Campaign Packages: Sieger is extremely useful.

Downtime: As you may have a lot of your downtime be on a ship, you may not be able to use all parts of the downtime system consistently. Even when you are in a city, you may be between several cities when in downtime, so may have a difficult time taking full advantage of some of the activities.

Domcur - Of Ships & Sorcery - A Privateers Tale

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